Whether you're looking to explore
or just relax...

Rock County offers residents and visitors alike an abundant array of cultural, historical, natural and recreational options. Anchored by the Rock River, which flows from Lake Koshkonong and extends across the WI / IL border, this waterway offers water enthusiasts a range of activities -
ranging from fishing to motorized watercrafts.

For those with a passion for culture...

Museums and performing arts venues can be found on the campuses of area higher learning institutions, as well as within a number of local downtowns. History buffs have the opportunity to stroll through a number of places of historic significance, including landmarks that were representative of this nation’s past socio-economic profile.

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Acres of park land
and open space...

Representing a mixture of local government owned and/or managed property, dot the landscape. With this concentration, it’s no wonder why the County Seat is known as the City of Parks. From the Ice Age Trail to various river walks, bikeways and nature trails there are over 250 miles of identified trails that weave throughout the County. Whether riding a bicycle, horse or simply cruising along on a pair of roller blades there are multiple trail options that appeal to beginners and seasoned path connoisseurs alike. Alternatively, take a drive along the County's designated rustic roads to capture a panoramic and/or picturesque view.

A dozen area golf courses...

Present a variety of layouts and playing options for the occasional hacker as well as the scratch golfer. Whether your interest falls along the lines driving for show or putting for dough, course cards reach over 6,800 yards as well as offering miniature options for those hardly old enough to grip a club.

  • Beloit Club

For those seeking that one
of a kind gift...

Shoppers are encouraged to roam through any number of antique and/or specialty stores that populate the County. Hand crafted items, ranging from fermented beverages to chocolates and cheeses represent a sampling of what can be found. Berry / pumpkin patches, orchards and local Farmer’s Markets provide an excellent opportunity to taste what Rock County is all about.

Community celebrations and festivals run year round...

Providing multiple venues to experience local and/or national cuisine and talent. From holiday or seasonal themes to special offerings, we encourage you to discover Rock County, WI. Begin your journey today with an online tour or tomorrow, by requesting a FREE Visitors Guide.